(1) System

Stainless steel cladding, safe and sanitary, easy to clean.,peacock tv

(2) Operation platform

(3) Tilting

The main pot can be flipped down to 120°so that even the high viscosity material can also be easily emptied.,cricket ideas

(4) Heating & Thermal insulation

The main pot has independent hating & thermal insulation temperature control system. The thermal insulation layer is arranged outside the heating system to avoide high temperature scalding.,cricket media

(5) Mixing & Ultra-highspeed homogenizing

Cooperated with YK patentmixing system, the ultra-highspeed precise Rotar/Statorsystem can achieve the best homogenizing effect.

(6) Connector

fix 2 bet app download,Reserved multiple sets of standard connectors can be used to add solid or liquid additives or access other sensors.

(7) Vacuum

With vacuum system, the pot can be maintained at a vacuum of less than -0.095MPa.,casino sport betting

(8) Lifting beam

It can lift the overall mixing system to the outside of the pot, which is easy to clean and observe.,free credit no deposit 2020 malaysia online casino

(9) Intelligent operating system

juventus news,The simple and easy-to-learn innovative emulsifying control system is designed for lab environment. All the parameters can be adjusted easily. And even the hands are stained materials, it’s still easy to control.

(10) Lighting

fix 2 bet app download,Bran-new LED light source can both save energy and provide 150 lumens of illumination and 50,000 hours working life.

(11) Pretreament pot

The two pretreatment pots are both equipped with independent heating, temperature control and dispersing system. Pretreament materials can be directly sucked into main pot via negative pressure of main pot.,bet365 twitter

(12) Heating system

free ncaa basketball betting tips,Exclusive heating sysytem for every pot.

ice hockey age,Cooperated with YK patent technology—-single shift, dual-flow fileds frame agitator blade designed for small emulsifying mixer, the ultra-high speed precise Rotar/Stator system can stably operate at 6,000rpm and achieve the best homogenizing effect.

casumo casino no deposit bonus,We have abandoned the traditional pin and fixed pin, innovatively adopted the automatically bounced quick release design, which is convenient and easy to dismantle and clean.

free poker slots online no download,It adopts modular design. Different Rotar/Stator systems can be chosen according to the characteristics of materials, in order to achieve the best effect of making materials.


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Lotions, gels, creams, ointments,emulsions, suspensions, sterile eye ointments and drops, active ingredients, etc.,a bet is a bet


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free roulette,Sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings, fish paste, batter, jam and marmalade, juices, chocolate fillings, cheese spread, concentrated soup, pesto sauces, animal feed, etc.

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Lotions, gels, creams, shampoo, hair care products, make-up, mascara, lipstick compound,
foam baths, toothpaste, etc.


Battery gel, coatings, biotech products, ink, lacquers, paints, glues, furniture polishes, fillers and putties, agrochemicals, plastic dispersions, paper coating slurry, silicone emulsions, etc.,casino spin wheel

Mixing vessel(L)610
Useful volume(L)58
Working pressure in the vessel(bar)-1to2.5-1to2.5
Max. temperature in the vessel(℃)150150
Stirring motor power (kw)0.250.25*
Output speed r/min0-860-86
Homogenizing motor power(kw)1.11.1
Output speed r/min0-60000-6000
Heating power(kw)22
Vacuum pump power(kw)0.250.25
Water vessel(L)3.357.8
Useful volume(L)2.76
Dispersion motor power(kw)0.0250.025
Output speed(r/min)12001200
Heating power(kw)11
Oil vessel(L)3.357.8
Useful volume(L)2.76
Dispersion motor power(kw)0.0250.025
Output speed r/min12001200
Heating power(kw)11

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